Friday, August 18, 2017

The Learning Is Slow Going

There's a reason my husband calls me "Molasses".  About the only thing I do quickly is eat cookies.  So...this photography jazz is indeed progressing but doing so at Lori Speed.

A big surprise for me so far is the difficulty I have with product and craft photography.  You'd think it would be a snap, right?  Objects one can place wherever and that stay put should be easy.  You have time to consider some options.  You can mess with lighting.  You can take 40 photos, and the subject doesn't complain.  Perfect.

Yet staging these things seems to be a challenge.  I'm used to using these items, not posing them.  After many, many attempts over a period of days, I managed to get ONE photo I liked of my embroidery project:

I think I need to study more Instagram shots.  How do some of those photographers make the ordinary look so beautiful?!

I've noticed I have better luck with little critters.  They certainly don't stay put, but there's something about Mother Nature my camera likes.  My 50mm lens doesn't hurt either.  Here we have one of my daughter's caterpillars, who she lovingly named Skeeter.

I decided to bring my 18mm into the backyard for some shutter speed practice.  The focus wasn't perfect, but I managed to get this little beauty in flight.  And I got her wings! 

Finally, I turned to my favorite little critter.  I've read I should photograph what I love, and that will end up being my best work.  I suppose then it's no accident that my photos of Lucy always come out beautiful.  (Shot with my 50mm, during her first post-play nap of the day.)

Maybe I should pose Lucy with my embroidery.