You Never Know What's Coming For You

That line from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button has always stuck with me.  And I for one never thought I'd enjoy taking pencil to paper.  I can't draw.  I've never taken a single class.  I can barely make a smiley face.  Yet here I am, looking forward to those quiet mornings and evenings when I can sit with my pad of paper and practice sketching different designs that will hopefully become hand stitched embroidery.


Don't get me wrong ~ these are simple, simple drawings.  But they are mine, and I can bring them to life with needle and thread.


  1. That is GREAT, Lori. I've been wistful about my drawing that fell by the wayside once I started having children. I keep looking at artists' renditions of Sharpei pups, and I want to try sketching Bristol. Maybe I will.

  2. Thank you. :o) And Yes! You should!


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