How Did Science Sneak Into My Knitting?!

Learning how to dye yarn has been an interesting process.  There's a somewhat complicated relationship between dye, heat, acid, and fiber that I'm still trying to fully understand.  Mess with even one of those variables, and there will be a change.  That then leads to the following questions:

What did I just do?

Do I like it enough to try doing it again?

Mind you, I'm just introducing myself to color theory as well.  And the first lesson I learned is that when you have a colorway that isn't working out, you can usually save it by making it dark purple or dark brown.  Let's just say my stash currently has a LOT of dark purple and dark brown. 

The above skeins worked out relatively well though.  Still a beginner's effort, but pretty.  You can see with three of them that I was messing with variations of pinky peach.

And that super purple guy third from the right ~ yeah, that was one of those skeins.  There is a fair amount of silk in that particular yarn, and I was quickly reminded that this affects the way the dye is taken up.  Plus I messed with the water temperature.  Things got weird, and I eventually had to call upon of the power of purple to save me.


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