Friday, January 20, 2017

Episode 17: Meet Lucy

My co-host steals the show.

Click here for the video.  :o)

I chat about yarn dyeing, sewing, and I introduce the newest member of our family:  Lucy!

Oh, and I forgot to mention a January Giveaway:  600 yards of Alpaca Cloud, 100% Superfine Alpaca fingering weight, in the "Cora" colorway.  Join our Boston Mama Knits group on Ravelry and reply once here to enter.  Please note that you must be a member of the group.  Fortunately, joining requires a simple click of a button, and that's pretty much it.  ;o)

Alpaca Cloud in "Cora"
As for the rest of the episode...

Knit Picks for bare bases and Greener Shades dye
Dharma Trading Co for dye and citric acid

Simplicity Jiffy Shift Dress #8253

Friday, January 6, 2017

How Did Science Sneak Into My Knitting?!

Learning how to dye yarn has been an interesting process.  There's a somewhat complicated relationship between dye, heat, acid, and fiber that I'm still trying to fully understand.  Mess with even one of those variables, and there will be a change.  That then leads to the following questions:

What did I just do?

Do I like it enough to try doing it again?

Mind you, I'm just introducing myself to color theory as well.  And the first lesson I learned is that when you have a colorway that isn't working out, you can usually save it by making it dark purple or dark brown.  Let's just say my stash currently has a LOT of dark purple and dark brown. 

The above skeins worked out relatively well though.  Still a beginner's effort, but pretty.  You can see with three of them that I was messing with variations of pinky peach.

And that super purple guy third from the right ~ yeah, that was one of those skeins.  There is a fair amount of silk in that particular yarn, and I was quickly reminded that this affects the way the dye is taken up.  Plus I messed with the water temperature.  Things got weird, and I eventually had to call upon of the power of purple to save me.