The Voile Underlining Experiment, Dress #5

A basic black, but not really.  It has tiny gray Xs.

The short version:  It didn't work out quite the way I wanted it to.

The slightly longer version

The dress fabric is once again from Riley Blake.  The voile underlining was nice and light, and though it frayed and graced my black dress with what seemed like 1000 little white fuzzies, it was nice to work with.

This dress has some heft to it that the other versions are missing.  I feels higher quality.  It looks much nicer on the inside as well.

However it's not quite doing what I had hoped it would do.  I had hoped that the little bit of extra heft would weigh it down a bit, giving it just a tad more drape to counter balance the quilting cotton.  But no.  Not in this case anyway.  Now it just feels like slightly heftier quilting cotton.  So my dress went from "stiff" to "stiff with oomph!".  It's kinda funny really.

I'll still wear the dress, of course.  I'll report back on the wrinkle-ability (wrinkleyness...wrinkle-ocity...).  Maybe with cotton, I shouldn't even concern myself with wrinkles.  Cotton wrinkles, right?

What I'm very happy about

The zipper went in nicely.  Lined up and everything!

I'm getting better at set-in sleeves.  Not much, but better.  During a moment of frustration, I had considered making all future garments sleeveless.  But I talked myself out of that ~ I can't be a sleeve weenie.  I can do this.

Overall, underlining my first dress was a good experience.  I didn't mind cutting out the extra pieces, and I enjoyed the fact that I was working a little harder and a little longer not only to learn but to add quality to my project.

I now have 4 hand sewn dresses in my closet.  All dolled up and no place to go, essentially.  And since it's currently 12 degrees out, I'm okay with that.


  1. I hope you find some place to wear your new cute wardrobe. It may be awhile yet! I know you'll never be bored inside with all of your sewing and knitting.

    1. I'm just going to wear it all around the house:
      Tom: "You're all dressed up. Where are you going?"
      Me: "The kitchen."


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