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What A Pill!

Knit fabric pills.  There's just no way around it.  Little fibers loosen and bunch up with friction, forming those unattractive tufts of fuzz that make our hand knits look old and worn.  Lucky for us, there are ways to clean those up and keep our items looking great.  I'm going to show you how I do it with my battery operated lint shaver from Knit Picks.
I decided to use my Merino Cashmere blend sweater.  This yarn is wonderfully soft, but it pills like it gets paid to do it.  If this yarn weren't so high maintenance, I'd include it in my shop.  But the truth is, customers would have to work a bit more than I'd like to keep their items pill-free, so you'll likely not see this blend for sale from me.  That said, it makes for an excellent example! 
Behold!  Pills, tufts, and fuzz.

This lint shaver has a little whirling blade that quickly cuts the pills off at the surface of your fabric.  That cap can be screwed off for additional cleaning of the blade once you are d…

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